Monday, February 14, 2011

Kitty Litter Pan Enclosure Solution | IKEA Stuva

IKEA STUVA | Childrens Storage System | Combination With Doors | Converted Into A Jumbo Sized Kitty Litter Pan Enclosure
An enclosure for a Jumbo Sized Kitty Litter Pan. And OMG, finally something that worked! This is the IKEA STUVA - Childrens Storage System - combination with doors & the kitty litter box is jumbo sized. I clean the litter from the front by opening the doors and the cats enter/exit their bathroom from the back. The trick is not installing the backing for the furniture so the cats have an entry/exit way to the enclosure. Also, I placed a little screw-in hook to hang the litter scooper.

I have an air freshener that's plugged into the wall that the enclosure is set in front of. This jumbo kitty litter pan enclosure hides the jumbo kitty litter & the smell is controlled now. 

Front View | Kitty LItter Enclosure (Sammy is inspecting the premises)

Front View | Kitty Litter Pan Enclosure with the panels closed.

Kitty Litter Pan Enclosure next to the Cat Pagoda, it's a little taller than 2 feet.

Back View | Kitty Litter Pan Enclosure. Where the cats access the litter, the entrance/exit is hidden.

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  1. Good job. Nice layout. Simple to navigate and great product information.